Sausage Party Review


The majority of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s creative output feel like ideas spawned from smoking too much marijuana. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Movies like The Interview or This is the End capture pretty endearingly the tone of being intoxicated with friends and joking about what “awesome” ideas should be in their script. However, the 16 rated Sausage Party is where the joke becomes a little old. Despite moments of charm and invention, the film displays one of the major problems associated with stoner movies – the central gag becomes old quickly.

Sausage-Party-Character-Poster-2.jpgRogen and his many cronies voice food products in a supermarket. Their dream is to be picked up by the Gods (human customers) and brought to the great beyond. However, when one item is returned and spreads a rumour that they’ll all be viciously killed once they are chosen, it leads to chaos.

To its credit, the film has some intelligence. It’s central allegory for religion, although not complex, is at times very witty and stays consistent throughout. There is an entertaining subplot in which a Jewish bagel (voiced by Edward Norton – doing a Woody Allen impression) feuds with a Muslim lavish over how close they are on their shelf.

However, the dialogue for the most part is very weak. It’s as if Rogen and co were testing how many C and F bombs they could fit in their script, which would not be a problem if there were a lot of jokes in-between the swears. Instead, there are long patches of Sausage Party which don’t even illicit a chuckle.

The movie is sort of saved by an ambitiously bonkers third act (and an even crazier meta final scene). However, it only serves to make one wish Sausage Party had been that audacious from the start. Instead the majority of the animation is puerile swearing and food puns. That may be enough for many people, but from the pen of the people who made This is the End, we should want more.

Verdict: 2/4

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